We have the perfect buyer for your used car: Us

It's true. At Chrysler Winona in Winona, MN, we're more committed than ever to buying quality used cars like yours and we're making some of the best cash and trade-in offers in our history. Why? Because of the global shortage of cars - and that affects all of us including our neighbors in nearby communities like Holmen and Onalaska WI. Since good used cars are in short supply, we'll pay you a lot for your pre-owned car right now.

We'll buy your car even if you don't buy one from us 

You can get a great offer from us for your vehicle and you're under no obligation to get another vehicle from us. You are welcome to take our check and walk out the door. There are no strings attached. What's more, we're interested in just about every kind of vehicle out there. That includes trucks, SUVs, sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, sports cars, luxury cars, you name it, we'll pay you a lot for it, regardless of the brand.

Your car is probably worth a lot more than you realize 

Many people don't realize it but, according to Fortune, the average used car is worth about 50% more now than before the pandemic. Much of that rise is because of parts and vehicle shortages. Want to find out how much your used SUV, truck or sedan is worth? Just go to our Kelley Blue Book (KBB) Trade-In Value page under the Shopping Tools link on our website. Fill in a few basic facts about your car and you'll get a great offer instantly. 

Our amazing offer can lower the cost of your next car


If you'd like to find your next vehicle in our inventory, you can use our generous trade-in offer to take what will probably be thousands off the price of your next vehicle. Bring a copy of your KBB offer along with your car, keys, title and loan payoff info to us and we'll finalize the deal, quickly and easily. Let us buy your car today at Chrysler Winona in Winona, MN.