The Dodge Charger is available in many forms, ranging from the standard SXT trim to the most luxurious and most sporty Hellcat Redeye special edition of the sedan in Winona, MN. No matter the form you choose, you will find high-performance standards under the hood that you can experience for yourself by visiting us at Chrysler Winona.

The SXT model has 264 lb.-ft of torque under the V6 engine with 3.6-liters and 292-horsepower with a fast acceleration. The regular Hellcat, before even discussing the Redeye edition, is a supercharged V8 engine, however, that has 717-horsepower which is almost unimaginable in performance standards.

These high-performance standards would not be possible without the support that the engine receives from the eight-speed automatic transmission for easy gear shifting capabilities. The transmission and engine do sit atop of either a rear-wheel or an all-wheel drivetrain that will carry you over the terrains and road conditions that you want to go on while maintaining top speeds.

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