The differential in your vehicle plays an important part in making sure your vehicle goes safely down the road with the tires moving in the right direction. With front-wheel-drive vehicles, the differential might be referred to as the transaxle. What many people don’t realize is that their tires don’t all travel at the same speed or in the same direction. This is necessary because the road may be straight or may have corners, and your vehicle’s wheels must be able to move accordingly. This is the purpose of the differential. Our team at Chrysler Winona can give you more information. Here are some signs that your differential may be going bad.

  • It’s difficult to steer the vehicle.
  • The vehicle seems to be using more oil.
  • The front of the vehicle is making loud howling, clunking, or grinding sounds.
  • Your rear differential is making odd sounds.
  • The tires are showing unusual and extensive wear and tear.
  • The vehicle is vibrating constantly while you’re accelerating.
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