Belts & Hoses: Warning Signs of Trouble

Have you had your belts and hoses inspected this year? While new cars may not have issues with cracks or leaks, most older cars that have sat in extreme temperatures or go on longer commutes every day need to get their belts and hoses checked every 3,000 miles. Just like with an oil change, belts and hoses need to be replaced.

The three big components to check include your timing belt, serpentine belts, and coolant hose. The timing belt syncs up the camshaft, crankshaft, and distributor so that your engine runs correctly. Serpentine belts control your power steering. Coolant hoses carry antifreeze to your radiator. If you notice overheating, reduction of power, leaks under your car, screeching noises, or vibrations, then it’s time to take your car to a mechanic.

We can help you there. Our expert mechanics are ready to serve you at Chrysler Winona. We offer the best rates on service and love to go above and beyond for our service customers in Winona, MN.

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