Are you interested in driving a powerful pickup truck that is also efficient and luxurious? Then request a test drive in the Ram 3500 in Winona, MN. Having an undeniable heavy-duty designation, this vehicle comes in several premium editions at Chrysler Winona, such as the Power Wagon and Laramie.

Engineered for optimum efficiency in the city, the Interactive Deceleration Fuel Shut Off is a segment-exclusive technology that is available in this Ram truck. The i-DFSO function reduces the fuel that is consumed by the legendary HEMI engine block, which has a total of eight cylinders. If you don't need access to the maximum 410 horsepower, this V8 powertrain will not use half of its cylinders. An all-new rotary-type shifter allows you to easily change gears when you're cruising on urban roads or rural trails. Installed near the instrument panel, this electronic component controls eight gear speeds in the TorquFlite automatic transmission system.

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