Families Stay Safe in the Dodge Grand Caravan

Why do families love the Dodge Grand Caravan? It's simple. You can load your entire crew into this great mini-van and not have to worry about the safety of your passengers because of the suite of great safety features that are included. When you turn on the ignition and go, you won't have to worry. Here's why.

From the time you back out of your driveway, to the time you arrive home, the Grand Caravan has you covered with safety features such as a standard backup camera and all-speed traction and stability controls to keep your vehicle safe in all types of conditions.

Nothing is more precious than your children. The Dodge Grand Caravan's LATCH system makes it easy and quick to secure your children's car seats so that they can be safely transported. Child protection door locks also prevent curious hands from inadvertently opening side sliding doors.

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