Get Off-Road with the Jeep Cherokee

When you're searching for a compact SUV, you want a vehicle that's great in the city and tough enough for the wilderness. That's where the Jeep Cherokee shines — this popular SUV delivers a serious dose of toughness that will have you off-roading safely.

Need to drive through water when you're exploring around Winona? No problem, with the Jeep Cherokee. It has a high air intake valve, so you don't have to worry about water getting in as you're driving over streams or navigating flooded areas. In fact, you can drive easily through water up to 19 inches deep. Plus, the electronics and body have extra sealing to keep everything safe and dry.

When you're getting off the beaten path, uneven ground is a given. The Cherokee has a high ground clearance and a 29.9-degree approach angle to help you drive right over logs and bumps without a care in the world.

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