Check Out the Ram 1500’s Interior Features

The Ram 1500 is impressive throughout the interior. With best-in-class legroom, plenty of storage, and high tech gadgets, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular pickup truck. We have them available at Chrysler Winona, too, allowing you to come in and take one for a test drive.

The rear floor is flat, providing you with plenty of room to haul large items. There are also plenty of storage bins as well as storage under the seats. The trim level will determine what kind of beautiful upholstery you get, with the option for upgraded leather seats.

Control your navigation, communications, and entertainment with the Uconnect system on a 12-inch screen. Learn about what’s going on with your car with a full, high-tech instrument panel. Enjoy music with a high-end audio system.

Visit us in Winona, MN today so that you can experience the features of the Ram 1500 for yourself.

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