The Car Engine May Be Overheating for the Following Reason

If your vehicle is overheating, it could be one of a number of issues that are causing the trouble. Take a closer look under the hood to see if you can identify the following:

  • If the fan belt is loose, it will not spin the fan correctly. If the fan is not operating optimally, it is not cooling the fluids properly.
  • Be sure the radiator hoses are not bloated or leaking. If coolant is leaking from the connections of the radiator hoses, it will result in the engine overheating.
  • When the car is cool, open the radiator cap to see if the coolant level is too low. If yes, this could certainly be a reason why the vehicle has been overheating. It might need to be topped off to eliminate the issue.

If you schedule a routine checkup in our service center here at Chrysler Winona, we can identify these issues before they become a problem.

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