Cold-Formed Steel Can Increase Truck-Frame Life

Many pickup trucks still use stamped metal parts for frame construction. Unlike these common vehicles, the popular Ram 2500 family of pickup trucks use specialized cold-form construction methods to create frames of superior strength and durability.

The Ram 2500 manufacturing process makes use of hydroforming technologies to form the parts of the interior truck frame. This hydroforming process brings several important benefits to the table that include increased frame stiffness, increased frame strength, and an overall reduction in vehicle weight. Taken together, these benefits can promote passenger safety and save you significant amounts of cash over the long haul.

While the Ram 2500 cold-formed steel frames certainly sound good in principle, they can feel even better from behind the wheel of this venerable vehicle. At Chrysler Winona, we are happy to stock several Ram 2500 trucks for customer test drives. If you want to feel the 2018 Ram 2500 difference for yourself, feel free to stop by our place today to claim your very own complimentary test drive.



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