Look Closer at These Ram ProMaster Durability Features

The new Ram ProMaster is rated a popular cargo van this year because of some of the durability features. These features were incorporated to make driving safer and protect the cargo more easily.

Perhaps the easiest way to keep the contents of the Ram ProMaster cargo van safe is incorporating the Anti-Lock Brake System into the vehicle. The van will not slide off the road when the brakes are depressed, instead, slowly stopping safely, so driver and contents are safer.

The Ram ProMaster also focuses on how the driver maneuvers on the rods. By focusing on increased driver visibility with a short front-end, enormous windshield, and raised driver seat, now the driver has a clear and high vantage point to operate safely and ensure the cargo is not damaged in transit.

If you want to take the all-new Ram ProMaster for a test drive today, stop by Chrysler Winona and grab the van keys.



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