The Dodge Durango Catches Eyes

The Dodge Durango turns heads when it travels down a busy street. The exterior makes it difficult to miss or ignore. The mid-sized SUV comes with intriguing features that support its continued consumer popularity.

Another innovative feature on the Durango is the stunning LED racetrack taillamp. The taillamp draws attention to the vehicle, which presents a valuable safety feature. The taillamp's design adds a stylish decorative benefit to the vehicle as well. The twirling design in something special.

Active persons should appreciate the presence of a rack on top of the Durango. Travelers may wish to place camping gear, luggage, and more on top the SUV. The rack makes this possible. The unique frame can hold up to 150lbs of weight. The rack's look isn't dull either. Its presence adds style.

The Dodge Durango can look impressive driving down the streets in Winona. Come to the showroom at Chrysler Winona and do a test drive.

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