What do the Warning Lights on my Dashboard Mean?

If you find yourself driving down the road and suddenly realize that a warning light is shining on your dashboard, you may not know what to do. It is important to know what each warning light means because it could affect the performance of your car.

When a warning light appears, always check your car's manual if you are not sure what it means. If you don't have a manual and you are not sure what it means, bring your car down to Chrysler Winona and we will take a look at it for you.

Here are some common warning lights:

  • Service Engine Light- Something is wrong with your engine and you may want to take it to get looked at by a professional
  • Oil Light- This most likely means that your car needs an oil change, you can do this yourself or have a professional do it.
  • Brake Light- This may mean that your parking brake is on. If not, it could mean that your brake fluid is running low.
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