The List Price vs. the Total Cost of a Vehicle

When looking for a new car, many drivers are so focused on the vehicle they want that they forget to consider whether the monthly payment, as well as other expenses, will actually be appropriate for their budget. At Chrysler Winona, we strive to ensure a transparent look

There is more to take into account that just the price of the vehicle. Insurance, regulatory fees, and fuel economy are just a few of the extra expenses that drivers need to consider before making a decision on a new car. If you want to figure out if you can actually afford to buy the vehicle you are interested in; then you need to estimate the total cost by including all of these additional expenses.

If you live in the Winona, MN area and are currently on the lookout for a new, affordable vehicle, then speak to our sales team at 121 Huff Street today! We can give you a more realistic idea of your new car's total cost.

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